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Women Equate Baldness With Masculinity

Women are experiencing real psychological trauma from unexpected permanent Taxotere hair loss

Monday, November 27, 2017 - Permanent, total and irreversible Taxotere hair loss can leave women looking sick long after cancer that it was intended to treat has been cured or is in remission. Some studies suggest that as many as 15% of women who once had a full head of hair are now permanently and completely hairless, including the eyelashes, eyebrows, nose hair and all head and body hair.

Rightly or wrongly, women feel as if baldness is associated with masculinity. Men go bald, not women. Having hair equate to beauty and femininity for women and those suffering from permanent Taxotere Alopecia report feeling like an old man. Permanent hair loss leaves women looking like she is fighting cancer for the rest of their life. For women, losing their hair is such a psychologically significant event that some refuse chemotherapy because of it.

As a result of the permanent hair loss caused by the toxicity of anti-cancer chemotherapy drug Taxotere, women are choosing to sue the drug's maker Sanofi-Aventis alleging that the company knew of the side effect but did nothing to warn consumers. There are currently over 2000 Taxotere-Alopecia lawsuits filed in Federal court and plaintiffs allege that executives at Sanofi knew as early as the year 2005 that women were reporting experiencing Alopecia, but the company failed to warn consumers in the United States. In that year Sanofi-Aventis, updated its Canadian European Taxotere warning label to reflect permanent hair loss as being a potential side effect. Sanofi-Aventis was warned in 2009 by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration that they were violating the law by misbranding the effectiveness of Taxotere versus Taxol. The company waited until the year 2015 to update its Taxotere packaging and marketing materials to reflect the risks of permanent hair loss and even then used only with the vaguest possible language stating that, "in most cases normal hair growth should return," ignoring the more dire language that, "permanent hair loss is a possibility in 5-15% of those who receive Taxotere chemotherapy."

Women with breast cancer have a low-cost alternative drug in the generic brand Taxol which has been shown to fight cancer just as effectively as Taxotere. Taxol has been used to treat cancers of the breast, ovarian cancer, lung cancer, bladder and prostate cancer amongst others and studies show that there is no valid medical reason to switch to the more toxic drug Taxotere. The benefit of Taxotere, doctors contend, is that Taxotere only has to be administered 1/3 as often. Taxol, however, has only a minuscule chance of causing permanent hair loss, much lower than the 5-15% chance of Taxotere.

In addition to seeking compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering and mental anguish, women suing Sanofi want others to know of Taxotere's side effect of permanent baldness before taking treatment as it is their right to decide and make an informed decision whether the benefits of the drug are worth the risk. If you or a loved one has experienced permanent hair loss having been given Taxotere or any other anti-cancer chemotherapy drug you may sue the manufacturer and attempt to recover monetary damages.

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