Who Can File a Taxotere Hair Loss Lawsuit?

National Taxotere lawyers provide information on who qualifies to file a Taxotere permanent hair loss lawsuit against Sanofi

Who Can File a Taxotere Hair Loss Lawsuit

Only through adverse event reports and Taxotere lawsuits have American consumers learned about the risk for permanent hair loss from Taxotere. Sanofi, the company responsible for developing and marketing the drug, has known about the danger of Taxotere permanent hair loss since 2005 yet purposefully concealed the information from the American public. Any person who was exposed to Taxotere chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer or another form of cancer and has experienced permanent hair loss in the years the treatment may be eligible for real compensation through filing a Taxotere permanent hair loss lawsuit against Sanofi.

Research shows Sanofi's claims that Taxotere was more effective than other chemotherapy drugs were false and without grounds. In fact, Taxotere is equally or less effective, and more toxic, than other breast cancer chemotherapy drugs. Taxotere hair loss can be permanent, as opposed to the temporary hair loss that is a typical side effect of other chemotherapy treatments. Consumers had a right to be warned of the risk in order to make an informed choice. Many consumers would have opted for a different treatment had they known the facts about Taxotere hair loss. If you or a loved one has suffered permanant hair loss long after exposure to Taxotere, you may be eligible to file a Taxotere lawsuit against Sanofi.

The details of each claimant's case vary, and we pride ourselves in giving personalized attention to each of our clients. Please contact our firm to receive your free, no-obligation case review from one of our national Taxotere lawyers bringing permanent hair loss claims against Sanofi.

Our Taxotere lawyers take into account several factors when researching Taxotere hair loss claims:

It is not simple matter to decide to file a product liability lawsuit. It is the goal of our Taxotere lawyers to support families through this decision and make the process and smooth, easy, and productive as possible. Most important for the future of your family is to recover damages for suffering you have sustained as a result of permanent hair loss. Patients who have suffered from Taxotere hair loss were intentionally deceived and have sustained long term distress as a result; no amount of money can undo the wrong that has been done to your family. However, compensation can help you by providing financial security.

More important than that to some is the chance to hold a large corporation accountable for patient safety and dishonest business practices. Evidence shows that Sanofi officials knew about the risk of permanent hair loss from Taxotere in at least 2005 but chose not to warn American consumers. Furthermore, the company has been the subject of FDA intervention over its illegal misbranding of Taxotere. One Taxotere lawsuit filed by a former Sanofi employee accuses the company of paying illegal kickbacks to doctors who prescribed Taxotere for off-label uses. Many plaintiffs feel the company deserves to be punished for choosing profits over human lives, and pursue Taxotere lawsuits in order to achieve a small bit of justice.

Attorneys offering free, no-obligation Taxotere permanent hair loss lawsuit case consultations are available to speak with you and your family about your circumstances. To learn more about filing a lawsuit against Sanofi, please fill out the simple contact form on this page or use the chat feature to speak with a representative. One of our attorneys representing individuals and families in national Taxotere lawsuits will be in contact shortly.