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Permanent Hair Loss Caused by Taxotere

Taxotere drug makers failed to provide the public with known facts about the permanent hair loss side effect

Monday, June 26, 2017 - When the market for a drug is in the multi-billion dollar level, large pharmaceutical companies will do whatever it takes to retain and increase market share. To companies like Sanofi, product liability lawsuits are just another cost of doing business and drug companies continue to market their deadly drugs long after they know of the adverse side effects. In addition, once lawsuits start against a pharmaceutical company, the company normally sets aside multi-million dollar contingency funds and expenses them like your pain and suffering was just another cost of doing business.

Taxotere Causes Permanent Hair Loss

Chemotherapy is a chemical cancer treatment for the serious, life-threatening disease. Taxotere is the world's leading anti-cancer chemotherapy drug whose side effects include severe nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, mouth and throat sores, fever, chills, body aches and overall flu symptoms among many, many others. One of the lesser-known side effects of Taxotere chemotherapy is "permanent hair loss" and this fact has been deliberately kept from the attention of the American public by the Sanofi Pharmaceutical company. Americans that have undergone Taxotere chemotherapy are experiencing permanent disfigurement in the form of permanent hair loss which can result in many debilitating psychological conditions developing. Psychological trauma can be as serious a medical condition as the cancer that a person originally had sought to treat and can lead to a number damaging personal issues.

There are many ways permanent hair loss can negatively affect the life of a woman. Depression can lead to job loss and loss of relationships and ruin a person's life.


Many users of Taxotere, having developed the condition of permanent, irreversible baldness, are experiencing severe depression. This is especially true in women as they associate hair with their overall self-esteem. Depression can range from being in an overall bad mood to not being able to even get out of bed for days at a time.

Loss of Sleep

Many Taxotere patients that experience permanent hair loss experience depression that can lead to poor sleep. Sleeping poorly manifests itself in underperforming in all aspects of one's daily life.

Job Loss

Not being able to get our of bed in the morning can obviously affect one's employment. Most of us are required to show up at work every day at the very least and being habitually late, unable to go to work or showing up in a constantly depressed state can cause one to lose their job or to be passed over for promotions.

Marital Relationships Suffer

Depression and irritability can cause a person to lash out at loved ones and create stress in marriages that can lead to general unhappiness, separation, and divorce.

Change in Personality

Suffering from severe depression usually ends up in a patient seeking psychiatric help. It is not unusual for a psychiatric patient to be given prescribed medications to combat their depression which causes severe mood swings and personality changes.

If you have experienced permanent hair loss from taking the Chemotherapy drug Taxotere, manufactured and marketed by Sanofi you should seek the counsel of experienced, knowledgeable Taxotere attorneys that zealously represent individuals just like you, and hold the company accountable for their negligence. To pharmaceutical company profits always come first and it is up to you or a loved one to speak up. Call the Taxotere attorneys at Onder Law for a free, no-cost consultation about your hair loss situation. We represent individuals in all 50 states on a contingency basis meaning that there is no cost unless we win your case and collect.

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