Taxotere Hair Loss Lawsuit News

The Impact of Permanent Hair Loss on Some Cancer Survivors

Patients have a right to know all of the potential side effects of drugs that could permanently alter their lives

Friday, September 29, 2017 - Receiving a diagnosis of cancer is one of our life's most traumatic events. The first thing a person wants to know is how advanced their cancer is, has cancer spread to other vital organs, and what type of treatment the doctor recommends. If cancer has advanced to multiple parts of the body, chemotherapy is usually the treatment of choice for oncology physicians. Of course, when chemotherapy is chosen a doctor is obligated to explain the adverse side effects that a patient can expect so that the patient can weigh the pros and cons and make their own decision. Of all of the negative side effects of chemotherapy, nausea, fatigue, irritability, hair loss ranks amongst a patient's highest concerns.

Permanent Hair Loss Comes As A Shock

While most cancer patients are willing to accept temporary hair loss, it comes as a shock when their hair loss becomes permanent. Taxotere is an anti-cancer chemotherapy drug that has been widely used by American cancer doctors to treat advanced stages of breast, lung, pancreatic and other serious, life-threatening cancers. Taxotere is so toxic that chemo treatments are required only half as often as other anti-cancer drugs that had been in use before doctors switched to Taxotere and this increase in convenience was marketed by Sanofi to doctors as a testimony to the effectiveness of the drug. What was not mentioned, however, is that this increase in toxicity causes about 10% of cancer survivor's temporary hair loss to become permanent causing a host of psychological complications for all its victims and especially for women. Cancer survivors are naturally grateful for beating the deadly disease but are now faced with the emotional trauma of permanent hair loss.

Consequences of Permanent Emotional Trauma

A person faced with a lifetime without head hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes probably will experience other complications in other areas of their life such as their occupation, family, and social life. Those faced with severe depression may be unfriendly and irritable and no longer be pleasurable to be around. This could cause one to be fired from their job or passed up for a promotion. Those severely depressed can even become violent through no fault of their own and take out their frustration on coworkers, family members, and friends. Other cases of depression manifest themselves in the patient being shut into their home unable to even get out of bed. Permanent baldness depression can make a person who now must wear a wig, false eyebrows, and eyelashes, so self-conscious that they are afraid of the ridicule they may face should they even leave the house to go shopping or participate in other activities that previously made them happy.

Sanofi-Aventis, the maker, and distributor of the highly-toxic, anti-cancer drug Taxotere, knew years ago that their drug was linked to permanent hair loss but did nothing to warn the American medical community. Over 1000 Taxotere permanent hair loss victims have filed suit against the company claiming that the company had an obligation to inform doctors and their patients so that they could make an informed decision about the drug they chose to treat their disease.

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