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Taxotere Lawsuits May Teach Doctors a Valuable Lesson

Lawsuits focus on a patient's right to make an informed decision and not delegate that responsibility to a doctor or a drug manufacturer

Wednesday, March 13, 2019 - Over 13,000 lawsuits are pending in state and federal courts in the US claiming that Sanofi, maker of the anti-cancer drug Taxotere lawsuits failed to warn patients of the drug's adverse side effect of causing permanent, total and irreversible hair loss for women. As if temporary hair loss wasn't bad enough Sanofi and doctors recommending Taxotere may have thought that permanent hair loss was insignificant and non-life-threatening therefor unworthy of mentioning. 13,000 women, however, feel differently and that there right to make an informed decision has been violated.

The upcoming trials brought forward by women who have been rendered permanently hairless by the anti-cancer chemotherapy drug Taxotere underscore the different mentality of men and women. A judge denied the defendant Sanofi, maker of Taxotere, their summary judgment motion that claimed that even if she was aware that Taxotere caused permanent hair loss that she would have taken the drug anyway. According to Reuters, "U.S. District Judge Jane Milazzo in New Orleans, Louisiana, denied Sanofi's summary judgment motion, plaintiff Jacqueline Mills said she would act very differently had she and her doctor been adequately warned of the danger of permanent hair loss." Taxotere lawsuit claims are being handled by top national Taxotere expert attorneys and can advice individuals and families harmed by the medication side effects such as permanent hair loss.

On the one hand, men are resigned to losing the hair on their heads and cope with it as best they can. Losing head hair is a completely different issue from losing total body hair. Some men cope by wearing toupees while others go all in and shave their heads entirely. Women, on the other hand, view their hair as a measure of their beauty and their hair is an inextricable link to their psychological self-esteem.

The right to make an informed decision is at the core of the plaintiff's complaint and whether or not a woman should be expected to cope with permanent hair loss is of secondary importance. Cancer patients must be given all of the facts surrounding the side-effects of the drugs they take and permanent hair loss is no less a side effect as developing a cardiovascular issue or other diseases. Permanent hair loss can devastate a woman psychologically and many report being so depressed that they cannot even get out of bed. Some Taxotere permanent hair loss victims cannot go out of the house to execute everyday chores like going to the post office or picking up the laundry. Still, others have had the enjoyment of raising their children taken from them and cannot participate in their children's school, sports or social activities to the degree they wish to for fear of being embarrassed and ridiculed.

Doctors, lawyers and others who ignore or downplay the significance a woman's Taxotere permanent hair loss are missing the point. It is not up to anyone other than the patient to determine which adverse side effect should be taken seriously and those that do not warrant their consideration. Total hair loss is not just head hair, but also includes total loss of eyebrows and eyelashes, underarm hair and all body hair including pubic hair and is not just a cosmetic issue but instead is one that has life-altering consequences.

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