Taxotere Hair Loss Lawsuit News

Taxotere Hair Loss Lawsuit News

Information and News About Taxotere Hair Loss Lawsuits

The Impact of Permanent Hair Loss on Some Cancer Survivors | 9/29/2017

Patients have a right to know all of the potential side effects of drugs that could permanently alter their lives...READ MORE

The Emotional Side Effects of Permanent Hair Loss For Women Are All Too Real | 9/22/2017

There are many ways in which the psychological trauma of permanent hair loss can ruin a life...READ MORE

Taxotere is Highly Toxic and Causes Permanent Hair Loss | 9/15/2017

Permanent hair loss is an expected side effect of using Taxotere...READ MORE

10-15 Percent of Cancer Patients Given Taxotere Develop Permanent Hair Loss | 9/8/2017

Cancer patients receiving Taxotere were kept in the dark as to the drug's side effect of causing permanent hair loss...READ MORE

Permanent Hair Loss From Taxotere is a Real Possibility | 9/1/2017

Women that permanently lose their hair because of the toxicity of Taxotere were kept in the dark for years...READ MORE

Taxotere Permanent Hair Loss Lawsuits | 7/21/2017

Sanofi the makers of Taxotere fail to protect the public and patients under Taxotere cancer treatments by not releasing known facts from studies indicating the side effects ...READ MORE

Permanent Hair Loss Caused by Taxotere | 6/26/2017

Taxotere drug makers failed to provide the public with known facts about the permanent hair loss side effect ...READ MORE

Taxotere Warnings Now Include Permanent Hair Loss | 6/19/2017

Despite warnings for a number of other side effects, permanent hair loss from using Taxotere was not originally included...READ MORE

Taxotere Hair Loss Lawsuits Focus on Warning Label | 6/12/2017

By excluding permanent hair loss from Taxotere product warning, patients were exposed to additional risks and can now file lawsuits...READ MORE

Permanent Hair Loss in Some Taxotere Users Delivers Secondary Blow to Cancer Patients | 6/5/2017

Chemotherapy drug side effects provide a daily reminder of cancer for some in the form of permanent hair loss...READ MORE

No-Cost, No-Obligation Taxotere Lawsuit Case Review for Persons or Families of Persons Who Suffered Permanent Hair Loss After Taxotore Exposure

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